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Bottle Neck Slumper

Neck Only Bottle Slumper

Bottle Saggers, Slump

Turn your favorite texture mold into a bottle slump with this unique mold. Simply position…

Lamp Bender Lrg
Stainless Steel Vase Drape
Large S Curve GM191
Stainless Steel Bowl 11
Square Slumper A .875 X 8.875 X 1.5

Plate Swoop 8.875″

Plates, Slump, Square, Swoop

This universal template is the ideal solution to meet numerous applications from art object to…

Bottle Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest Bottle Sagger 9″ x 4″

Bottle Saggers, Decor, Drape, S Curve, Spoon Rests

Create a retro spoon rest with vintage bottles and the Spoon Rest Bottle Sagger! For…

Wavy Wider 16
Square Slumper B 6.25 X 6.25 X 1.25

Plate Swoop 6.25″

Plates, Slump, Square, Swoop

This classical shape has been designed for numerous applications from lifestyle accessories, candle dish, dinner…

Small Center Drop
Drop Out Ring 5.5
Fluted Mushroom
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