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Bowl Round Rim 9.5"
Stainless Steel Bowl 11"
Textured Coaster
Ruffle Drape Vase 209074

Ruffle Drape – IMD949

Decor, Drape, Miscellaneous

Create gorgeous candle holders, vases and more with this drape mold.

Oval Dish 8536

Dish Oval 8.375″ x 5.375″ – 8536

Bowls, Oval, Plates, Slump

Create beautiful serving plates and glass art for your home. Premium Bullseye molds stand up…

Square Textured Bowl 8"
Ying Yang Harmony Ware 7023885
Wavy 16"

Small Butterflies

* New Molds, Animal, Casting, Miscellaneous, Textured

One mold produces two sizes of butterflies. On the mold’s reverse side is an integrated…



Casting, Miscellaneous

Skulls! Three sizes. Six castings in every firing. Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates,…

Stainless Steel Vase Drape
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