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Local Learning Centres

  • Mesa Arts Center One East Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201
    • This facility offers classes and access to shop space and tools for fusers. They offer beginner and intermediate classes in fusing as well as in many other art forms. Look up their classes on the website, but remember that these classes book up early so you must book long before you hope to attend. Keep checking and sign up as soon as you see the classes listed.
  • Milkweed Arts 1850 W Mulberry Dr Phoenix, AZ 85015 602-341-6580
    • Check out their website for information on upcoming classes in Phoenix. Warren Noruaard brings in professional artists on a regular bases. The classes are expensive but worth it.
    • Warren also manages one of the more well known and helpful groups on facebook ‘Fusing Fanatics’. This group is highly recommend.

On-line Learning

  • AAE Glass Art Studio 7582 Las Vegas Blvd S #214 · Las Vegas, Nevada 89123 239-471-7724
    • Outlet for retail and wholesale fused glass.
    • Owner, Tanya Veit is a well known glass educator.  She offers on-line video classes, some free.
    • They also offers video classes from professional glass artists for a fee.
    • pdf Tutorials
    • Although AAE Glass sells only Bullseye Glass, the accessories (screen printing, enamels, decals, frit working tools) are universal.
  • Bullseye Glass, Portland, Oregon 503-227-2797
    • If you work with Bullseye (90 COE), this is the site for you.  Bullseye produces glass, quality molds, and many glass accessory items. If you order over 1200 worth of glass, molds, and accessory glass, your cost is cut by 50%.
    • For those of you who prefer 96 COE, this is still the most comprehensive learning site for fusers.  The tips and techniques you find on this site are invaluable fusers no matter the glass you use.
    • Methods and Ideas
    • Video Lessons, some free
    • You will have access to free video tutorials and tips sheets.  For those of you who want to subscribe ($45 per year), you will have access to a comprehensive learning site that includes professional on-line learning videos an extensive list of tip sheets and technical resources.
    • Their book “Bullseye Techbook, 2020 Edition” is by far the best fusing guide I have ever seen.  At a cost of $30 it will be one of your best investments.  If you work your way through that book, you will certainly have a solid foundation in fused glass. You can order it on-line.
  • Creative Paradise Goddard, KS 316-794-8621
    • This organization is best known for molds including those for frit casting.
    • They offer a number of free tutorials both video and in pdf format.
    • Project Sheets
    • This is a great resource for those of you wanting to try your hand at frit work and texture molds.
  • Delphi Glass, Lansing, Michigan 800-248-2048
    • Free patterns and guides
    • Artist Gallery
    • Get Started
    • Tips and Techniques
    • Videos
  • Glass eMotions
    • This Canadian company is offering on-site and on-line learning opportunities, along with some free video tutorials.  Their objective is to offer quality training to glass artists, and like others are bringing in professional instructors.  When investigating working with enamels on glass, this was one of the best sites found.
  • Glasshoppa, owner by Jim Matthews
    • Jim offers a number of tutorials at no cost, and he also offers a membership for approximately $5.00 per month, that gives you access to additional video resources and tips.
    • Jim instructional style is easy going and fun.
  • Oceanside Art Glass, Carlsbad, CA 92008, 760-929-4041,
    • For 96 users, this site is a great resource. In a similar fashion to Bullseye Glass Co., this site offers you great visuals of Oceanside Art Glass (sheet and accessory). The site offers a number of project ideas, tips, and tutorials.
  • Tabatha’s Glass Emporium
    • Tabatha is based in Drivenik, Croatia. She has a very casual, informative and fun way of demonstrating how she creates her projects.
    • Her main focus is on vitrograph murrine, and from her on-line store you can order murrine in almost any shape and color imaginable in both 90 and 96 COE.
    • On her site, you will find a number of free tutorials in video format.
    • She also does have some video classes that she charges for.
    • She is also easy to find on You Tube by searching under ‘Tabatha’s Glass Emporium’.
  • Lisa J. Vogt
    • Lisa is a glass artist who specializes in 96 COE.  Lisa loves to add dichroic and uses it in most of her projects.  Her teaching style is pleasant and easy to follow.  Her classes are available on-line and by DVD.


Glass Conventions

  • Glass Craft & Bead Expo,  South Point Hotel
    EXPO: April 3rd – 7th, 2024.

    • This show is 5 days filled with classes and everything that is cool and new in glass work. It is typically held annually at the Sand Point Hotel in Vegas. Classes: Apr. 3-7. Exhibits: Apr. 5-7

Firing Schedules

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